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SEO Salt Lake City is a highly competitive keyword for us, which generates a lot of new leads and clients for our SEO Utah based company. We understand search engine optimization and internet advertising in a way that will help our clients cut through clutter, enhance their brand and drive growth. Lets use our own keyword as an example.

Search engine optimization and internet marketing is critical for every business today and in the future. 39% of your competitors have had SEO work on their website. We now live in a world where people perform searches online, whether it’s for a service they need, a location of a business or for information.

66% of American use online local search(Google/comScore)

61% of local searches result in purchases (TMP / comScore)

Google, Yahoo and Bing are the leaders and household names, and they dominate the market. At Barking Frog SEO, we tell all of our local and nationwide SEO clients, “if your business isn’t on the front pages of Google, Yahoo & Bing, then it’s not part of the conversation”.

As an SEO company in Salt Lake City, Utah we can’t afford not to have our company on the front page of Google for our internet marketing and SEO keywords. There are far too many searches on Google for SEO Salt Lake City and other relevant keywords. Our goal for our company is to have all sorts of front page listings nationwide that relate to SEO, whether it’s SEO Salt Lake City, Internet Marketing Utah etc. A lot of our nationwide SEO work comes to our company in Salt Lake City from keywords that are based nationwide on the front pages of google, yahoo and bing.

If we’re with a local business owner we often show them estimates from Google and their traffic estimator. If you’re an attorney in Salt Lake City and 1,000 people were searching “attorney in Salt Lake City” through Google in the month of January, you want your firm on the front page. How could you afford not to? A certain percentage of those searches are going to land on your organic link and a certain percentage of those will inevitably use your services. These numbers will evolve as the use of search engines do. The analytics from Google, Yahoo and Bing will only rise and this is why we choose SEO and internet marketing at Barking Frog SEO. The bottom line? to increase your bottom line, your business can’t afford not to hire an SEO company like ours and have the competitive edge required today and in the future.

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