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Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google, based on the Linux kernel and designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, we are providing android training in ahmedabad.

Android is a Linux based operating system it is designed primarily for touch screen mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet computers. The operating system have developed a lot in last 15 years starting from black and white phones to recent smart phones or mini computers. One of the most widely used mobile OS these days is android. The android is software that was founded in Palo Alto of California in 2003.

In the world of internet, mobile applications are taking over at a rapid pace. Today, mobile apps are growing fastest in providing web based solutions. The truth of the technological era is that 8 out of 10 devices in the market use the Android platform. Hence, it won’t be wrong to say that when looking for reasons to choose app development then Android app development essentially entails heavy advantages, starting with it being the most used mobile platform, discoverability, high reliability of Ad attribution, cost effective, and the list is unending. Android App Development is a shared learning platform and to throw light on the 5 key reasons to choose Android platform for app development then the following will pretty much sum it all.

#1: Open Source

The Android platform for app development is open source which means it is royalty-free and isn’t restricted to just the Android Market. This gives a lot of liberty and freedom to innovate and be creative. The SDK architecture is a major advantage that permits you to communicate with the community on future expansions of mobile app development. You can install Android apps from any source that increases the possibilities of the platform.

#2: Pro-active Testing

The integration of the platform is easy and the SDK lets you install & run your app on the device each time you compile. This is an added advantage for the developer to test his/her application on multiple devices without additional costs making the platform cost effective as well. The developer can integrate and tweak the application on the Android platform according to their or their clients’ requirement.

#3: Easy Adoption & Launching

Basically, if you can code in Java then you can easily develop an application on Android platform. It has turned out that for programmers it’s easy to adopt and script code for mobile apps on Android platform. The process of launching your application is easy & simple. All you need to do is register yourself as a developer then submit your .apk file. That’s how easily accessible the humongous market of Android is for everyone. Moreover, the Android platform permits rooting Android based devices & installation of custom ROMs. On the other hand, in case of iPhone rooting is termed “jail breaking”, that’s an actual crime in USA.

#4: Multiple Distribution & Sales Channel

With Android platform, you aren’t restricted to just the Android Market instead you can deploy it in various ways. The platform allows you to use third-party marketplace for your distribution and sales channel by developing new application stores or straight away putting it on your website. It is your application and the platform lets you choose the way you wish to reach potential customers with your promotional strategy in order to convert them into end users.

#5: Popular Platform

84.7% of mobile devices are based on the Android platform creating a lot of scope for app development’s bright future. The platform is very user-friendly and that has made it extremely popular among the developers. The number of users with Android devices are increasing, hence, the developers in the industry enjoy the benefit of heavy downloads of their creation. This has made the platform highly popular.

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